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LEGO® Bike Shop & Café 31026 Revisited [MOD]

Here's a quick opening shot to our revisited Bike Shop & Café but before we get into the build lets give a breakdown of the original set.

The 1023 piece LEGO® Bike Shop & Café 31026 was release this 2014 offering technically 4 different buildings with the last advance build giving you 2 separate buildings. 

The Bike Shop on the left and Café on the right.

Each building opens up to give kids access to easy play. Overall the original design is nice and what I've covered here in pictures are only the Advance builds, it does give you the optional Quick and Medium builds of a Flower Shop and Auto Shop respectively. Only the last Advance build gives you the 2 buildings of a Bike Shop and a Café as mentioned.
Open play of the Bike Shop & Café

I can kinda see where LEGO® is gong with this set, easy play, not to advanced and lots of details, essentially trying to hit a sweet spot between basic Creator sets and Modular details. So this kind of sets would be great introduction to Modulars in a way.

The nice details of interior from the originals set.
A Pro I noticed on this set is the size of each building in the advanced build, easy to store and quick to play, very much like the LEGO® Tree House 31010 as I detailed. The Con was also the size, while the open-up concept is designed to give easy access there just wasn't much room to play around with, pretty cramped for the 3 Minifigs provided.

So what we had here was a pretty worthy set with a nice concept, design elements and details.
My son is used to the removable floor approach of modulars so I decided to upgrade and revisit the design of the current Bike Shop & Café.

So here were some of the points that led the redesign:
- Widen the foundation - a 32 x 32 baseplate to give space
- Retain most of its original design and add critical extra pieces to give size
- Emphasise the concept of the Bike Shop and Café

So there you have it The HUB Bike Café a Bike Shop and Café at the same time. 

Designed to fulfil both aspect here's our Bike shop owner servicing a customers bike while he enjoys a cuppa. New bikes available for sale too.

The second floor is an apartment with a kitchen, Side table lamp and single seater.
All interior pieces from the original set.

Rooftop access to enjoy the Barbecue facilities as per the original set, but now with much more space.
 We intentionally designed this as a nominal end lot as we knew we would have to add a lot more pieces if this was to be a full blown 3 floor corner modular, this would take away the sentiment of the original Bike Shop & Café concept anyway so we decided to stayed focused




Designed with only 2 floors it's height is perfect for the LEGO® Parisian Restaurant 10243 as most 3 floor structures would engulf the nice side terrace of the Parisian.

Side view of the HUB Bike Café, matching modular connector snaps perfectly.
I gotta admit, the fun part of this build was the signage. We needed to find a name that could be read front and back, so HUB came about. Though the B kinda looks like an 8 it still works.

Hub Bike Café with its display bike on the signage.
 Overall this revisit was fun and now we have a worthy Bike Cafe that will sit nicely in a growing LEGO® town. That being said the original LEGO® Bike Shop & Café set 31026 is definitely a nice set to get, best thing is if you ever want to upgrade and go modular with it you can with what you see here.

Back view of the HUB Bike Shop Café.
The wired brick under the staircase is a battery that powers the LiteUp Lamppost.

The HUB Bike Shop Café locking in nicely via the usual pins with the Parisian Restaurant 10243. 

As an extra, here are some night shots of the building with Light Bricks.


Here's a video of the MOD.

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